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BEEKAI is your dedicated section to export user submissions, so you can easily save them as CSV and analyze them.

idTitleNameEmailStatusDate Time
cfb99bf7-d3f5-49d6-861d-46e857c1c8ddHouse InspectionLanceLance@example.comDRAFT
c6b7a67a-3c40-4ee4-8e08-089ed031a57eHouse InspectionAndreAndre@example.comCOMPLETE
7ede5050-81ca-4ddf-a6da-c15aa90f2534House InspectionAlvinaAlvina@example.comDRAFT
288abb29-ba7f-4479-a998-3076753613b5House InspectionLoganLogan@example.comDRAFT
fd0911ce-b517-4e8f-8e50-f20d22fac35dHouse InspectionGwynGwyn@example.comCOMPLETE

* Example export table

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Connect with customers, it is the only way to learn more about them and create a better product or service that they need. BEEKAI made it easy to convert each form submission into your associated contact list.


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