Form Builder

An intuitive, simple and free form builder that focuses on simplicity, consistency, and elegance by introducing modern web technology.

BEEKAI form builder
* Form building module from BEEKAI

No code platform

Components Driven

Our modern forms are beautifully composed. We follow web industry best practice by composing your form with powerful components.

* Those components are from the BEEKAI application

How it works

3 simple steps to build engaging forms that are fully optimised for submission

create form

step 1

  • Choose a template or start new

  • Drag & drop form fields

  • No code required

create form

step 2

  • Share via link

  • Launch an email with the form

  • Embed the form into a website

create form

step 3

  • Analyse your form performance

  • Collecting submission results

  • Convert submissions into contacts

Powerful and intuitive validation

Input Sanitization

It is a powerful and ease to use validation extension for forms. Based on web standards we provides a simple and powerful mechanism to validate your input data.

* BEEKAI form validation rules config

Page performance matters

Form Speed

Fast page load speed is essential for user experience. Our platform uses the latest web technologies to provide clean, fast and responsive application experiences.

Performance Score

First Contentful Paint

0.3 s

Speed Index

0.9 s

Largest Contentful Paint

1.0 s

Time to Interactive

0.9 s

Total Blocking Time

0 ms

Cumulative layout shift


* Results vary based on your form configuration

Align with your branding

Theme Design

Create a great form experience by designing your forms at the global and theme level, showing a consistent look and feel across all of your organization.

Developer experience

Code generation

We generate native HTML & Javascript or React Hook Form based applications, so you can customize the user interface to suit and integrate with your business logic and needs. And Yes! Integration is ready and starts receiving submissions.

Build a beautiful experience.

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