Multi Steps Form Builder


BEEKAI Multi Steps Form allows you to create world-class form applications without hassle. The builder enables you to connect different form components into a beautiful and seamless user journey to complete their data submission.

The project includes two major parts Step and Logic.


Which host all your form components and you can create a new form inside the project section.


The application can also embed the following business logic without code.

  • Authentication
  • Page-level condition logic
  • Email notification
  • Payment
  • Custom redirect
  • Service invoke
  • Custom application summary
  • Custom confirmation


The following section explains what are the project options provided.

TitleTo be displayed at the form header.
DescriptionA brief description of the form.
StageSet your form to the public or under development.
User interface
  • Watermark: remove the watermark under the form

  • Navigation bar: show and hide the navigation bar on the left hand side

  • Header Bar: show or hide the header bar

    • File upload: upload a logo image

    • Image URL: provide an image URL

    • Logo destination URL: click on the logo to open your business site in another tab

  • Google analytic: insert your tracking ID to integrate with Google analytic

Validation Strategy

This section gives you the ability to control when to trigger the form validation.

  • Submit validation mode: before the user click on the submit button

    • Change event: each time user press their keyboard

    • Blur event: when the user leaves the input

    • Submit event: only validate when the user clicks on the submit button

    • Touch event: input has value and leave the input

  • After submit validation mode

    • Change event: each time user press their keyboard

    • Blur event: when the user leave the input