About us

Helping businesses build beautiful forms

Our Mission

Welcome to BEEKAI. Our mission is to enable anyone to create a simple or complex funnel without the hustle. From the design of your form application deployment and start receiving submissions.

Our Background

We are engineers who are passionate about building forms. We have built one of the most popular open-source form libraries called react-hook-form. By working with form applicants with years of experience, we want to produce a product that delivers a beautiful online form experience. Bring the great experience to businesses and customers who don't have a technical or coding background.


Our values

Our product and services are all around building forms from single-page forms to complex multiple-step form applications. We made it easy to manage and build large and complex form applications with visual diagrams. Creating a new form step is as easy as connecting the dots by dragging & dropping.

We sincerely hope BEEKAI will improve your form application performance and create beautiful online form application experiences.

❤️ BEEKAI Team