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online form experiences.

Simplifies form application creation with interactive visual flow diagrams and enables you to build with best-in-class user experience.

No code platform

Free form builder

We provides a sleek platform that is easy to use with a drag-and-drag, flexible enough to help you create almost any forms, surveys and quizzes.

Drag and drop form builder

Here's how it works

Simple steps to build engaging forms and ready for submissions

create form

step 1

  • Choose a template or start new

  • Drag and drop form fields

  • No code required

create form

step 2

  • Share via link

  • Launch an email with the form

  • Embed the form into a website

create form

step 3

  • Analyse your form performance

  • Collecting submission results

  • Convert submissions into contacts

Build forms with visual diagram

Multi Steps Form

Save your time and cost on maintaining a large and complex funnel application. Form logic is back in control. BEEKAI is an expert at building multiple steps forms.

  • authentication

    User Authentication

    Offer various authentication methods, such as email, Google, Facebook, and Github login.

  • payment


    Offer your customer with easy online payment option to enter a subscription or one-time payment.

  • webhook


    Receive an update on each submission or a specific phase of your form application.

  • email

    Email Notification

    Get notified with customized content at any phase within the form application.

  • logic

    Logic and condition

    Integrate and config business conditional logic between each phase of the form application.

  • globe

    Integrate with services

    The easiest way to invoke and integrate with external services with form application state.

  • arrow

    Ease of redirect logic

    Redirect users at any stage to a different section of the form application or site.

  • summary


    Guide your customer with a submission summary before they pressure the final button.

  • flag


    Custom confirm message or provide additional call to action for your customers.

Get things done

User Experience

Our mission is to provide the best platform for building form applications with user experience as the priority. We are using the latest technology and embracing the web platform. BEEKAI results in a blazing-fast and smooth experience for you and your end customers.

Data collection


We made the data collection experience as simple as reading an email. Monitoring every submission at any given stage. You also have the opportunity to convert submission data into contacts making BEEKAI a simple platform to manage customer relationship.

Developer experience

Code generation

We generate native HTML & Javascript or React Hook Form based applications, so you can customize the user interface to suit and integrate with your business logic and needs.

And Yes! Integration is ready and starts receiving submissions.

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