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You can now build form applications with simple, interactive visual flow diagrams. Requires no coding and built with the best-in-class user experience.

Powerful free form builder

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Powerful free form builder Finally. A code free form builder. Create your forms, surveys, quizzes on a sleek and super performant platform. You don't need to know how to code. Simple, flexible and easy (fun!) to use - just drag & drop, and it's interactive.
Drag & drop form builder

Multi Steps Form

Build complex funnels with a simple diagram

No more wasting time on building and maintaining complex multi-step forms. Imagine that. Control your form logic, support navigating, composing and integrating business logic all with a simple visual diagram.

Based on powerful form library

Built by industry expert

BEEKAI is built by engineers behind React Hook Form who are passionate about form applications and craft the application with years of industry experience to provide the best application experience and world-class form experience.


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Data collection


We made the data collection experience as simple as reading an email. Monitoring every submission at any given stage. You also have the opportunity to convert submission data into contacts. A simple platform to manage the customer relationship.

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