Multi Steps Form Builder

Streamlines project-based form applications by delivering lead generation, application flow management and striving to provide the best user experience.

BEEKAI project builder
* Project building module from BEEKAI

Build a decision tree

Flow Control

With BEEKAI project builder, it gives you the ability to rapidly design and iterate form application as a visual diagram, so they’re easy to change, test and maintain. It also allows you to integrate with business logic, adding and changing it as needed without hassle.

  • authentication

    User Authentication

    Offer various authentication methods, such as email, Google, Facebook, and Github login.

  • payment


    Offer your customer with easy online payment option to enter a subscription or one-time payment.

  • webhook


    Receive an update on each submission or a specific phase of your form application.

  • email

    Email Notification

    Get notified with customized content at any phase within the form application.

  • logic

    Logic and condition

    Integrate and config business conditional logic between each phase of the form application.

  • globe

    Integrate with services

    The easiest way to invoke and integrate with external services with form application state.

  • arrow

    Ease of redirect logic

    Redirect users at any stage to a different section of the form application or site.

  • summary


    Guide your customer with a submission summary before they pressure the final button.

  • flag


    Custom confirm message or provide additional call to action for your customers.

Running on any devices


Built with form accessibility in mind, BEEKAI form helps you ensure that your users’ experience is seamless on any device. The whole application is accessible for keyboard navigation with excellent focus management and never lose when or how to correct their input validation. We’re also making sure the screen reader announces the entire form interaction when the user activates the application.

  • mobile first Mobile first design
  • computer Keyboard access
  • accessibility Focus management
  • screen reader Screen reader
  • visual contrast Visual color contrast
  • structure Semantic structure

User Behaviour Insight

Application Analytic

BEEKAI offers full insight into your form and project performance matrix. Analytics tracks and understands how users interact with your form application, so you can make informed decisions about the future of your project.

Avg. Duration



vs Previously: --




vs Previously: --




vs Previously: --

Validation Error



vs Previously: --




vs Previously: --

*The above is demo data.

  • ▶ Average Duration

    How long does the user stay on your application?

  • ▶ Visit

    How many users visited your application?

  • ▶ Complete

    What percentage of form application gets completed?

  • ▶ Validation Error

    How many times do users submit which contains errors?

  • ▶ Exit

    What percentage of people start and then abandon the form?

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